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What is Shiatsu ?  What  is it  good  for?

Thomas Stockert:
Shiatsu Teacher and Shiatsu Healer

Learn the art of Shiatsu

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Entrust an Shiatsu expert and feel the healing power and its welfare strength.

Already after only one Shiatsu treatment you can experience its positive forces on your own body.

A treatment consists of the Hara (belly -) diagnosis and a personal treatment framework arranged in accordance with this diagnosis

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Other Treatments


A Japanese joint system that adjustment eases the musculature around the joints and brings back the body structure into the natural position (more information Courses )

Chi Kung ( as treatment)

With high oscillation quality into the different energy centers fresh circulating energy is brought by this energetic Chinese technology, which the body systems harmonized and heals ( more information Courses )

Craniosacral therapy

Treatment for the re-establishment of the psychosomatic equilibrium more information


With the treatment the reflex zones of the feet become, those in connection with the body stand by massage lively, whereby the welfare forces are activated                            more information          

Tao Massage

The eastern Massage works mainly on the energy lines (meridians) by gentle and strong massage movements which gives the feeling to feel the entire body

Sports Massage

This massage is to help the sports people to loose up and to relax the tense muscles. The combination with Shiatsu is very effective.


Special treatment for the drainage of the body more information

Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaiian Massage)

Lomi Lomi Nui is a massage with a lot of movement and sensations. Great to relax.


Energizing treatment that brings your own healing power in activity

Shiatsu  treatment