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What is Shiatsu ? What  is  it  good for?

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Introduction of Shiatsu


What is Shiatsu ?

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique which belongs to the old tradition of acupuncture.

Shiatsu is a prophylactical treatment that considers the human being a unity of body, mind and soul. If a Shiatsu therapist makes a basic diagnosis (based on Oriental medicine) of someone with an illness, he is able to develop an individual treatment for that person. The therapist serves as a means of motivating ones own “healing energy”. Energy (Chi) flows in lines (meridians) through the entire body. These meridians are all connected and work together forming a network similar to the blood-circulation and the nervous system. The meridian network provides the organs with energy.

Shiatsu has proved to offer a person more vitality and well-being as well as providing an overall elimination of suffering.


Shiatsu helps :

to reduce stress and tension

to calm the nervous system

to help digestion

to stabilized emotional and psychological balance

to help problems of menstruation

to relieve birth complications

to heal back pains 

to strengthen body, soul and mind

to help to a healthy pregnancy

to prevent insomnia

to strengthen the power of resistance and the perseverance

to allay pains

to produce consciousness of the body

to help prevent common sicknesses

to heal headaches