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Chi-Kung (Introduction)
Chi-Kung (Seminars)

SOTAI (Indroduction)
SOTAI (Seminar)

Healing Cooking Classes

Chi-Kung is an age-old exercise in order to strengthen and stabilize its own body in order to produce welfare forces. This technic of exercise is older than the acupuncture. The meridians and the points of energy could see concrete Chi-Kung masters who had progressed in this exercise.

By daily practicing each one can adjust the sky strength (Yang) and the earth strength (yin) in the body with Chi-Kung. If one reaches this balance in itself , the spirit becomes calm and the bodies strong and supple.

In old China and the Himalaya regions humans protected themselves for thousands of years in this way against damaging influences of the weather , in particular extreme cold weather. Today Chi-Kung - also in the west - has the task to release from the energetic and health impairments and the degeneration features of the modern way of life and consumercoined civilization.

Ther are two recognized kinds of practicing to Chi-Kung: The "quiet" Chi-Kung and the "moved" Chi-Kung. Both kinds of exercise came out from the Taoism and the Buddhism. The taoistic exercise way focus itself more on the meridians and the energy points whereas the buddhistic exercise way concentrates on the body regions.

All Chi-Kung exercises are practices which take place inside the body whereby particurly the spirit is responsible for the Chi at the beginning of the exercises.

With this fact it is essential that always three observation levels in the body flow together:  Concentration, imaginative power and feeling. If the Chi is in motion its held by regarding in motion. In addition a saying of master Zhi Chang Li: "When the silence reached their elevator point it produces the movement of the Chi."

Chi-Kung mobilizes the own positive factors, cleans the bodies-own channels, adjusts energy (Chi) and blood, harmonizes the Yin and Yang, supports corrects and increases the immune forces and ruggedness of the human body. It is - brought on the point - too the position for a healthy long life to exercise for the precaution of disease just like functions essential for the healing.

In China medical Chi-Kung applies since the Han time (206 B.Chr. - 220 A.D.) as one of the four large subsections of the medicine and today is an important component of the traditional Chinese medicine until (TCM). Therefore the welfare methods of Chi-Kung to date in China are estimated and far more common.

Research results of the modern Chi-Kung-science showed that what is called in the Chi-Kung Chi is in the cosmos and a purifying off stream possessing in the human body equally pervasive mass and amassless energy and information stream of  material, objective existence.

As previously mentioned, one divides Chi-Kung into two large kinds: On the one hand a quiet Chi-Kung which takes place paticularly in static conditions and which puts emphasis on the state of rest, breath adjustment, retaining of the spirit and takes care of the Chi; on the other hand moved Chi-Kung which combines the training of thinking and the energy and which are chacterised by various physical exercises and courses of motion.

How can Chi-Kung be defined in a contemporary way simplified, a highly developed exercise method is for the increase of the energy and thinking with which one adjusts and in nature occurring fine-material subject (additional to breathing air) directly to itself can take up both the energy mechanism in the body. With the Chi that by Chi-Kung one trains the "true Chi" also "original Chi".

The priority goals when you are practicing Chi-Kung is to strengthen the vital strength and eliminate diseases to prevent aging against preparatory work as well as with their accompanying frailty and extend life with good health.

Besides Chinese Chi-Kung - just like the Indian Yoga - causes an extension of the mental abilities. It can strengthen the memory strength of the cerebrum, increase the mobility and accuracy of thinking and increase the learning achievement with young people. Above all it causes by most diverse mental and physical exercises that the movement of the micro energy taking place in the body is led according to arranged principles on a higher stage. Inwardly it affects positively on the physiology, immune forces and rehablitation. Altogether it causes a large unit of "body and soul",stabilizes the human psyche and provides for comprehensive health in the high age.



Weekend seminar
„The flying crane“
(moved Chi-Kung)


The Crane Chi-Kung which copies the graceful movements of the bird of the same name has a long tradition. In the last decade however this therapeutic movement meditation in China became very popular and also in the west they found numerous followers. the whole exercise consists of five exercise sequences in the movement, a short standing column and the sixth form is a form without form.

All energy lines (meridians) in the body are set by the first five exercises in motion that the active Chi (life energy) the old blockades free-vacated and the energies come in the body in rivers.

In the last section (the sixth form) learn to feel the Chi how it sets the body without effort in self movements that old behaviour patterns finds its area and can dissolve.

The goal of the crane exercises is activating the Chi is to make a cleaning again supple for energy channels to adjust the function of the organs, all joints and muscles to strengthen, the skin to tighten and moisten, the metabolism to adjust and strengthen the immune system. In addition the exercise affects positively on the spirit and nervous system. Where Chi flows - where the meridians became permeable also the circulation system is strengthend.

Date of the seminar: 24 / 25 October 2015

Time: Saturday + Sunday from 10:00 until 14:00 o´clock

Price: € 80

Tel.: (0034) 659974480


Participant: 10 persons (maximum)


                              Chan Mi Kung

                                 (Weekend seminar)

Chan Mi Kung is a exercise form which possesses an old reason which has the task to activate Chi in the body. In the last few years research institutes and medical institutions showed in China and abroad interest in Chan Mi Kung exercises.Humans who practice Chan Mi Kung exercises come to the opinion that it is easy to learn themselves and easy to understand the theory of the exercises. Already after a very short time, 4 or 5 days after beginning to learn, the effect of the activated Chi and an increase of mental perception ability can be noticed.

The exercises are very effective. Clear successes were obtained with the treatment of chronic illnesses.

The Chi can be activated in the body and be led into the meridians and into the cells.

The course contains the basic exercises (open the third eye, easing the dam, the weight distribution and conditions, spinal column movements), the three-circle exercises, connection with sky and earth energy (Chi leads into the earth, Chi sends into the sky, Yin Yang figure) and conclusion exercise.

More information about Chan Mi Kung (click here)

Date of the seminar : 8 / 9 November 2014

Time: Saturday and Sunday  10:00 – 14:00 o´clock

Price: 80 €

Tel: (0034) 659974480


Participants: 10 persons (maximum)


Relaxation for the joints

Sotai was developed in the seventies by the Japanese Dr. Keizo Hashimoto. Before he discovered this therapy method he studied medicine in Hokkaido and collected experiences as a physician in some hospitals. He was very dissatisfied with most ways of treatment by western medicine since one recognized but couldn´t treat the cause of the illnes correctly. He got a book concerning Chinese medicine and he was very moved by the technology of the acupuncture and the Chinese herb teachings. Thus he began to be occupied intensely with this eastern medicine.

Later he treated patients with these methods mainly with acupuncture.

He recognized the alleviation of most diseases and painfull conditions that takes place in the bones which are connected to the muscles and are protected by a fabric. If a acupunctur point is activated on the skin , the degree of the pain with the stress is located in the soft fabric. From all his experiences he recognized that the muscle relaxtion is an important part of prevention and treatment.

The so called Sotai devolped: "So" means working and in addition also manipulate and "Tai" means body. One could translate it thus with the fact that one manipulates the body which one also does in the long run. There is two different exercise method: The one kind exercises are the patient independently as for instance gymnastics while the other kind together with a therapist.

Up to the movement border

With both exercise methods it is important to accomplish the courses of motion in connection with the respiration because otherwise they do not  funtion with this technic. All Sotai exercises are following together: One goes to one in the motion most easy movement and implements up to the movement border. The one remaining few seconds and solves the tension very fast . The movement takes place always slowly with breathing out. It runs always to the pleasant side opposite the unpleasant or painful side. Anyway the already strained musculature becomes still more strained. The sudden fast release lets the musculature ease optimally. Each movement should be implemented two or three times.

These are the most important rules of the Sotai exercises. They are simple to learn and practice as soon as one recognized their logic.

Sotai exercises to implement are very creative and sensitizes the patients own body since one must always make the reason for the restriction in the body and then with the technology a motion sequence arranged. the movements are selected which are either unpleasant or set in places which the body symmetry are disturbed.

Self perception

The therapy develops on the self perception of the patient: He or she feels to learn if a movement is doing good or unpleasant and brings this movement into relation to slow and conscious breathing. The patient and the therapist work together to achieve this object. It can be hindering if the patient can not release completely. In this case cooperation with the therapist is helpful. The patient must work with little resistance  (counterpressure) to the therapist in the motion.

Sotai wants to reach always that the pelvis is located at right angles to the spinal column. The center of our movement is the spinal column and the pelvis. The spinal column is built up from small vertebras that is why it has a lot of mobility. On the other hand the spinal column is easy to deform by the upright posture. A deformation doesn´t occur so often with animals because the spinal column lies horizontal.

If the spinal column is deformed - the reason of the irregularities lies frequently in the autonomous nervous system. The tones of the muscles are increased which are located in connectio to the spinal column and that causes strain in the nerve or circulation system. That also affects the connected organs whereby different diseases can be worked out.

Spinal column and musculature abuse

Abnormal muscle tension is not only caused by a distorted spinal column, but also by the abuse of musculature during a longer period. It is very important that our musclature must be eased alternating tensely and , otherwise one leads to complaints. If the musclature on a bodies side has constantly a larger tension than on the other side, this leads to asymmetries in the body and affects the joints, from the feet to the head. Thus automatically stress develops for the entire body.

With most humans one leg is longer than the other one. That has the consequences that the bodies center arrives even more at the side.

Another example: Many poeple are right-handed. Sometimes they take with the right hand something from the soil - at the same time right foot forward. In this case the body gravity is on the right side of the body and not more in the center. If one repeats this constantly such courses of motion, the right side will increase more than the left. It would be awkward to handle this on the left side exactly the same. If we fight against the natural movements, a deformation in the entire body develops, particularly in the spinal column.

Problems in bodies can become balanced with the fact that one practices once daily Sotai exercises. There is a Sotai program, which consists of thirteen expirations and can be completed in fifteen minutes. Or one goes to the Sotai therapist and can start off once a week later perhaps once a month for treatment. The frequency of the treatments depends on the degree of the deformation.

The musculature is eased by the exercises and treatments around the joints, so that the spinal column can move always balanced. The exercises never work on a isolated part of the body, because always several muscles and nerves share a movement. With Sotai one already obtained some successes, which were considered unbelievable.

Sotai is a very effective and nevertheless a gentle therapy method. Nevertheless it should be learned and used under guidance of an experienced therapist. The effects of Sotai show up very different, some humans react extremely strongly to the exercises, while others find the effect more slow.

It is better to support the Sotai treatment with good nutrition and breathing, as well as a positive attitude to the environment. Sotai can be combined also with other therapies. There are already positive experiences in interaction with Shiatsu, Moxa and Acupuncture.



(joint system adjustment)

Weekend seminar

Sotai is a technic, which was developed in Japan by Dr.Keinzo Hashimoto. This technic is occupied with the joint systems and the pertinent musculature, those stands in connection to central and autonomous nervous system. By arrangement with the therapist a determined breathing rhythm (out- and inhale) and a pertinent movement exercise, the musculature is eased around the joint systems and brougth into its normal situation. Because the body is aligned, not only a stability physically, but also a psychological balance, since the nervous system is relieved.

The main work is the pelvis to the spinal column to the correct conditions again to be aligned. For example: The leg length which is related to certain muscles, to equalize the spinal column deformation through equalization of the musculature on the left or on the right.

Sotai helps with the following complaints

Spinal column curvature
Migraine, headache
Stiff neck
Pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, in the hip, in the legs & feet
Stomach pain
Heart weakness
Low and high blood pressure
Feelings of dizziness
Nerve pain
Sexual problems

Date of the seminar:  17 / 18 October 2015

Time:  Saturday and Sunday  10:00 – 14:00 o´clock

Price: € 80

Tel.: (0034) 659974480


Participant: 10 persons (maximum)


Healing Cooking Classes


Enjoy the experience of tasting, learning and cooking Macrobiotics food based on the YIN & YANG principles

The main objective of this eating regime is to prevent and to heal ourselves from all kinds of sickness that the human being can suffer

Whether you have a specific health concern, just want to find out about healthy living, or learn to cook another style of food in a relaxing atmosphere then… this is the time for you! 

Cuadro de texto: If you like good food
cook it yourself !

During the classes you will learn:

·          Origin, history and philosophy of Macrobiotic cooking

·          How to balance Yin & Yang food 

·          Introduction of products and their healing qualities

·          How to wash and cut vegetables

·          How to organize the meals

·          Recipes of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner

·          Useful advices in the kitchen  

·          Introduction of cooking utensils 

·          Different styles of cooking

We all cook a menu based on:

·          A soup / Beans

·          A cereal / Grains

·          Vegetables / Salad

·          Sea vegetables

·          Condiments

·          Dessert

·         Beverage


Ĝ       Place:        C/ Jacinto Benavente 5, Tahiche (near the church)

Ĝ       Price:         25 Euro (per class including all the material and dinner)

Ĝ       Contact:     Tel.: 928 836414 or 659 97 44 80                    E-Mail:

Ĝ      Please book 2 days in advance. Groups of maximum  8 persons