In the Shiatsu training one learns:

perceive and touch the different energies of the body experience with itself and with others theoretical background about Shiatsu Self-estimate for the finger and palm pressure for the appropriate treatment pressure Hara and Shiatsu exercises to practiceBack treatmentLegs meridians are studied and treated as well as the feetMeridians are regarded under the aspect of the energy emptiness and the energy abundance and differentiate this at the body levelArms meridians are studied and treated as well as hands Location of certain pulse qualities at the body (meridians)practice head, neck and shoulder treatmentAcupressure points are studied at the head, neck and shoulders Hara and back diagnosis are learned by certain viewpointYu- and Mo-points are discussed at the body and referred in the diagnosisMoxubation is undertaken at the weak pointsProvide a Shiatsu treatment after a diagnosispractice a side-situation treatment under consideration of all meridians stretch holds are practiced and assigned to the meridian systemsWorking with knees, elbows and foot Treatment are developed under the view of stretch holds and practicedthe 5 transformation phases of the energies are discussed in detail the teachings of the meridian systemslook at a treatment under the view of the 5 elementsTreatment in the upright back (seat) is accomplished